The Attorney Resumes

The Partners

The partners of the firm are among the most experienced in the region and have extensive proficiency in all aspects of trail preparation and courtroom procedure.  Associates also have experience in all aspects of trial preparation and courtroom procedure.  Consistent success in the courtroom has earned the firm a reputation for diligent representation and excellence in trial advocacy. 

The partners are actively involved in the local and state bar associations as well as national professional organizations.  Many hold or have held leadership positions in these groups.


Thomas C. Palmer, Jr.  Managing Partner.  A member of the firm since 1966.  Named one of the best Lawyers in America, '97-'98, Woodward/White publishers.  Mr. Palmer has played a leadership role in the local and state bar organizations for the past 20 years.  Born in Scotland, he completed undergraduate studies at the College of William and Mary and received his jurisdoctorate at the Marshall-Wythe School of Law in 1966.  He is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers.  Mr. Palmer resides in Leesburg. 

August W. Steinhilber, III  A member of the firm since 1984.  A master of the George Mason American Inns of Court, Mr. Steinhilber is a member of both the D.C. and Virginia bars.  He received his jurisdoctorate from the Marshall-Wythe School of Law of the College of William and Mary.  He completed his undergraduate studies at Randolph-Macon College where he played varsity soccer.  The father of three children, Mr. Steinhilber lives in Centreville. 

Jack A. Robbins, Jr.  A member of the firm since 1991.  An Associate Commonwealth's Attorney in Fairfax County for over five years, Mr. Robbins has a wide variety of trial and courtroom experience.  He received his juris doctorate from the University of Richmond, where he graduated in 1980.  He did his undergraduate studies at Madison College and graduated in 1974.  Mr. Robbins has one child and resides in Fairfax. 

Adelard L. Brault (1909-2007) The firm was founded in 1952 by Adelard L. Brault.  A 1933 graduate of Columbus University, he began as a sole practitioner in Fairfax City.  Mr. Brault's early years focused on defense litigation for insurance companies but then expanded to the full range of civil cases.  A civil leader respected for activism, he won election to the Virginia State Senate in 1965 and served as its majority leader from 1976-1980.  A determined and sometimes feisty legislator, Senator Brault asserted a leadership role in critical education and transportation issues.  He retired from the Senate in 1984 and assumed emeritus status with his firm in 1985.  

Edward H. Grove, III.  Retired from the firm and the practice of law in 2009, Mr. Grove had been with the firm since 1971.  A native Virginian and Civil War collector, Mr. Grove was graduated Phi Beta Kappa by the University of Richmond where he also received his jurisdoctorate in 1969.  A decorated Vietnam veteran, Mr. Grove achieved the rank of Infantry Captain in the U.S. Army.  Active in local and state law societies, Mr. Grove resides in Centreville and his Potomac River retreat.


The Associates

Associates are hired based upon their education, ambition, willingness to learn and dedication to develop into superb litigators.  All have their own case load in addition to assisting the partners with complex litigation and otherwise as necessary.


Patrick K. Burns An Associate of the firm since February 2011. Mr. Burns obtained his juris doctor cum laude from Michigan State University College of Law in 2010. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Pennsylvania State University in 2004. Mr. Burns is licensed in both Virginia and Maryland. He is also a member of the American, Fairfax and Maryland bar associations. Mr. Burns resides in Arlington.

Of Counsel

Anthony E. Grimaldi Of Counsel to the firm since Feburary 2009. Mr. Grimaldi completed his undergraduate studies at Pennsylvania State University in 1952. He obtained his Juris Doctor from Georgetown University in 1957. Mr. Grimaldi is licensed in both Virginia and Washington D.C. He is also a member of the American, Fairfax, Loudoun, and District of Columbia Bar Associations. Mr. Grimaldi resides in Leesburg



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